Dana Api Therma Melter

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is a thermostatically controlled stainless steel liquefier. This melter has been designed to melt honey in a gentle, yet efficient way. The melter is positioned on top of the crystallized honey in the container. After only a few hours of operation, the melter will have liquefied even heavily crystallized honey.You can also use the melter to keep your honey at a desired temperature for example before bottling. As you all know, it can sometimes be difficult to get all your honey bottled during the height of the honey season. With the Dana api Melter you can leave your honey unbottled over night without having to worry about undesirable crystallization. Technical data: The melter works at 230V. The thermostat can be freely adjusted to any temperature between 30 degrees C and 85 degrees C or set to an anti-freeze position (F). 21 cm/ 28cm, 350W

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