Dana Api Melter

£4,639.39 price incl. vat


It can be used as capping wax and wax melter, liquefier, frame meltings and collection of crystallised honey etc.

The DANA api MELTER is made from stainless steel and has well insulated double walls. It has a heating element in the lid and one in the bottom. The heating elements are regulated independently from one another. As a special feature, the melter has a powerful ventilator in the lid that circulates the warm air evenly and quickly and thereby ensures a gentle treatment of the honey.

How to use the melter:

1. The frames and capping wax is placed in the basket. The basket contains up to 120kg capping wax.

2. The bottom thermostat is set to 40°C and the thermostat in the lid is set to 80°C.

3. Honey will run out first because it has a lower melting point than the wax. When all the honey has run off, the wax can be extracted.

4. The undamaged honey I extracted first followed by the liquified wax.

The honey yield is almost 100% so the DANA api will pay for itself in a matter of months. DANA api is also a multifunctional machine that can be used for keeping honey lukewarm or to melt crystallised honey.

Below is a variety of functions the DANA api can be used for:

1. Melting capping wax and separate wax from honey

2. Melting beeswax in blocks

3. Melting crystallised frames and separate honey and wax (frames are not cut out, simply place the frames in the basket)

4. Melting all the wild comb that is collected in the apiary

5. Melting drone brood cut-outs

6. Melting honey in buckets

7. Melting crystallised glass with honey that originally was liquid

8. Melting old frames

9. Melting melezitose honey

10. Heat up wax foundations

Do not leave the DANA api capping melter unattended!