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Maisemore Apiaries beekeeping equipment made by beekeeping professionals. Maisemore Apiaries is a family run business started in 1953 manufacturing high quality bee hives and beekeeping equipment.

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A History of Family Beekeeping

Maisemore Apiaries began when Leo and Leslie Hiam started keeping bees as a hobby, when the Second World War began they had to go and help the war effort so the bees were left to their own devices, on their return they increased the number of bees and began to make beekeeping equipment.

Now Maisemore Apiaries is still a family run and owned business, looked after by Johnathan, Caroline and Mark Hiam.

We are based in Maisemore, Gloucester and are still working from some of the same buildings that Leo and Leslie worked in, we now supply all of the UK and Ireland and indeed all the world.

The Environment

All the timber used in making our bee hives and hive parts come from sustainable forests around the world.

Wood waste is all recycled, sawdust and shavings are all bagged in our plant and used as bedding for pets and horses, timber off cuts are used as firewood.

Recycling For A Sustainable Future

We also now manufacture wooden briquettes for open fires, ovens, chimeneas, woodburning stoves and bbqs at an amazing price of £5.00 per 10kg when collected from our premises.

Last year we bought a machine for recycling cardboard, old cardboard boxes are collected from local shops and used as loose fill/packaging for all mail orders.

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