Digital Thermostatically Controlled Warming Cabinet

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An accurate way of controlling the temperature of your honey when bringing it back to liquid for bottling, includes a temperature indicator strip which glows when the cabinet reaches the correct temperature.

Internal Dimensions 34cm WIDE x 68cm LONG x 32 ½ cm DEEP / External Dimensions 73cm long x 55cm high x 39cm wide.

Will hold 2 x 30lb buckets of honey, the heat is provided by 100 watt heating cable, there is a stainless expanded mesh grid (68cm long x 1.7cm high x 33.5cm wide) available which will hold jars of honey at an additional cost and an upgrade of 4 heavy duty lockable swivel castors.

Honey buckets are held by four wooden batons. We recommend not to heat your honey above 35-40C/95-104F as heating any higher your honey will start to deteriorate!.


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