Stainless Steel Sump Tank, Double Walled 1300x515x300mm

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During honey extraction, the honey comes out together with a series of impurities that need to be removed. Impurities such as wood or wax must be eliminated before transferring the honey to the ripeners.

In order to professionally filter the honey, a high-capacity tank is necessary, allowing the honey to be heated (making it more fluid); the various filters in the tank remove the impurities and allow the suction pump to draw the honey without the impurities present at the honey extractor’s outlet.

The filters eliminate the larger impurities, thus preventing them from ending up inside the ripeners.

By using interstices, the walls and the bottom contain water heated by a thermostat-controlled electric resistance (2000 W with a thermostat from 30-120°C).

The heating makes the honey more fluid without damaging it, thereby speeding up the process of cleaning and filtering the residues.

The inner bottom is sloped towards the outlet for total discharge. At the top, there is a removable coarse filter, which performs the first cleaning. The tank is then equipped with 5 movable vertical partitions that, alternately mounted high and low, cause the honey to flow as through siphons, and due to the difference in specific weight, a second progressive cleaning is obtained.

Stainless Steel Double Walled Sump Tank is complete with a honey suction tube of 50 mm and a plexiglass cover.


Dimensions: 1300mm x 515mm x 300mm

Material: Stainless Steel

Resistance: 2000W

Thermostat: 30 – 120 °C

Weight: 34 kg

Power Supply: 220 V

Capacity: 150 kg