S/S Sump Tank, Double Walled 1300x515x300mm

£1,649.44 price incl. vat

DIMENSIONS: 1300x515x300mm

SUMP TANK, entirely made from AISI 304 stainless steel, double-walled , designed to collect honey straight out of the extractor with immediate removal of coarse impurities. The interspace between the two walls contains water, which is heated by a thermostatically controlled resistance heater: honey is heated and made more fluid thus making cleaning operations easier. The inner bottom is inclined towards the honey gate to ensure complete discharge of the tank. The top part consists of a removable coarse strainer. The tank is equipped with 5 mobile vertical partitions, fitted according to an alternate high-low pattern to create a ‘syphon’ effect: while honey is fed through them it undergoes finer, progressive cleaning according to differences in specific gravity. The tank comes complete with a 50mm suction pipe to suck honey in by pumping. ITEM SPECIFICATIONS Construction AISI 304 stainless steel Thickness 1,0 mm Lid plexiglass Dimensions 1280x560x300 mm Capacity 150 kg Heating 1.650 W (30-110°C) Weight 34,0 kg