Hornet and Wasp Trap-for Glass Jar

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This trap is a newly marketed trap for catching harmful insects, also designed with in mind the need and benefit of recycling common containers. Can be screwed onto recycled 1 kg glass honey jar (NOT INCLUDED) (2lb jar). Made of tough plastic material and consists in two parts: a funnel, to be positioned on the top of the jar (so as to prevent captured insects from flying out) and a lid which screws onto the jar (so as to protect the bait from rain) and has 6 regular gaps (so as to let the insects in). Can be hung on tree branches or other supports, or it can be placed on a shelf or on the ground. Its stylish shape and flat base make this trap particularly suitable for outdoor spaces such as gardens, camping sites, terraces and boats. It offers yet another effective and environmentally friendly solution to attracting insects: a solution which is harmless to people, pets and good insects. Recipe to use below for WASPS, HORNETS, ASIAN HORNET (Vespa velutina) 350 ml of beer + 2 tablespoon of sugar or honey Alternatively: 200 ml of water + 2 tablespoons of sugar or honey + a glass of vinegar Alternatively: 350 ml of sweet white wine (or white wine sweetened with sugar or honey) + 20 to 30 ml of mint syrup (roughly equivalent to a small glass) WASP TRAPS: WE MUST PLACE THEM IN SPRING We must not wait for the fruits on the trees to ripen before using bio traps if we are to prevent infestations from wasps and hornets in orchards. Rather, they must be placed in early spring so that they can effectively contribute to a reduction in the rate of reproduction of these flying pests. With the use of the Hornet & Wasp Traps it is possible to effectively control flying pests without resorting to – or at least reducing – the use of pesticides that are harmful to the environment as well us to our health.

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