Honey Double Strainer in Three Parts (for Stainless Steel Honey Ripeners)

£94.38 price incl. vat

Stainless steel double strainer, for 50/100/200 Kg honey ripeners made up of 3 parts: stainless steel rough strainer, 275 micron nylon cloth and stainless steel structure diam. 350 mm with 3 bending supports for diam. 500 mm tanks. Necessary to filter the honey after honey extraction, to remove the impurities present inside the honey, such as pieces of wax, wood residues of the frames and organic parts of insects. Once the honey has been extracted, the honey must then be filtered before passing to the ripener for decanting. The nylon cloth bag allows a very effective filtering, specially designed for honey.The filter and the folding supports are in food-grade stainless steel, in full compliance with the regulations on equipment in contact with food. The nylon cloth bag and the steel filter can be replaced and purchased separately.