Dulcofruct Bee Candy – Plant Extract


EXP 02/2026

This product DULCOFRUCT mark has been tested for the last two years before it was placed on the market. It was specially made to ensure bee feeding in the cold season. DULCOFRUCT candy is a 100% inverted product that offers the bee the possibility of a smooth digestion, the bee maintaining its energy. The product is extracted from maize (NON GM) that has in its composition: fructose, glucose, other sugars, water and a dry substance of max. 84%. DULCOFRUCT candy has a creamy consistency (can be easily cut with a knife) and can be easily digested by the bees, being solidified so it doesn’t melt in the hive. Advantages of using this product: • Inverted Product 100% – Doesn’t Wear Out The Bees • Low pH – Prevents Nosema Apis • Ergonomic packaging – favours easy handling • Creamy consistency – easily assimilated by the bees • Successfully used in beekeeping for 5 years now! • High on fructose! 10kg box (10 x 1kg)

How to use:

Cut the package and place it inside the hive on top of the frames.

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