Bee Quick

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Trusted by beekeepers for over 20 years, Bee Quick is a safe and organic bee repellant for removing honey bees from honey super boxes; an essential tool for harvesting honey from hives and it smells great too! NON-TOXIC HERB BLEND: A natural, non-toxic, sweet smelling blend of natural oils and herbal extracts made without alcohol for honey harvesting and repelling bees CERTIFIED ORGANIC APIARY: The only honey harvesting product certified for use in a “Certified Organic Apiary” that can be applied with a fume board, breeze board or unlit bee smoker. MASTER BEEKEEPER RECOMMENDED: The recommended product in the “Backyard Beekeeping” Book, the leading book on organic beekeeping and by beekeepers for over 20 years EASY TO USE PUMP SPRAY: Popular with backyard beekeepers and commercial beekeepers because of it’s ability to easily move bees from honey boxes quickly and easily without harming the bees

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