B2 Label

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83mm x 47mm

Standard = you choose county/area, weight and produce of

Custom = you choose all the text on label

  • Area 1 – Heading – Usually a county or area.
  • Area 2 – Honey or similar.
  • Area 3 – Weight – We will ensure the font size complies with UK standard regulations. Weight in grams MUST be shown before (oz and/or lb).
  • Area 4 – Name and address, or similar
  • Area 5 – Country of Origin – Legally required, (England for example.)
  • Area 6 – Best Before End Date – This would normally be the end of a year and is required on all labels.
  • Area 7 – Lot number – State whether they are the same number on every label or consecutive (ie., L001, L002, L003 etc.,.) Only numbers can be consecutive not letters. A Lot No is required if honey is being sold via a third party.
Choose between Standard or Custom
Heading. Usually a county or area.
Choose weight.
Country of Origin - Legally required.
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