6 Frame Stainless Steel Radial Extractor (Manual OR Electric)

£500.43£864.81 price incl. vat

Manual –

Has a stainless steel drum and cage, 2 clear plastic lids, will extract National and WBC frames only to include BS Manley shallow frames, SN4, SN1, SN2 SN5 and also 3 BS Deep frames all tangentially. Diameter of Drum = 390mm

Electric –

Will take 6 x SN4 frames, 6 x SN1 frames or 6 x BS Manley shallow frames, also takes 3 BS Deep frames tangentially. The cage and drum are stainless steel and comes complete with nylon honey tap, it also has 2 hinged see-through lids and a safety lid lock. Motor speed is variable. Diameter of Drum = 390mm

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