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The wrap is designed to keep the temperature inside the hives and protect the beehives from environmental effects. During the autumn and winter period it provides keeping the warm inside the hives, protects from the rain snow, and wind. During the spring and summer period, it protects from the rain and hot weather, direct sunlight. Altogether it helps the bees to keep the comfortable climate inside the hives. Technical properties: It consists of three layers: 1) Metal foil. It reflects thermal radiation. 2) The foam structure of closed air-filled cells prevents the movement of heated air, that is, convection, which allows heat to be retained. For comparison, the thermal conductivity coefficient of foamed polyethylene is 0.038 W / (m · K), and the thermal conductivity of red cedar is 0.095 W / (m · K). That is, the thermal conductivity coefficient of foamed polyethylene is approximately three times less than the thermal conductivity coefficient of red cedar. The lower the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material, the more heat it retains. The thickness of the foamed polyethylene layer in the wrap is 8 mm. That is, in the context of thermal conductivity, this is equivalent to a 25 mm board of red cedar. 3. The upper layer of the wrap. The upper layer of the wrap is made of dense synthetic material (polyester or nylon) with a special coating. This material has the following properties: – waterproof and water-repellent properties; – wear resistance – dirt resistance – heat resistance – high strength – increased resistance to abrasion of threads Also, it should be applied as follows: – Put the wrap on the brood box and stretch the wrap over the brood box well. – Put the beehive roof on the top – insert the top edge of the wrap between the roof and brood box.

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