28 Frame Radial Honey Extractor (Electric)

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28 frame stainless steel honey extractor, will hold 28 BS shallow frames or 12 BS deep frames, it also accepts BS Manley frames, comes complete with sturdy red legs and twl clear perspex lids. This honey extractor, like all our honey extractors, has a bottom with a particular shape, designed to completely empty the honey and welded with the TIG system. The MULTIFUNCTIONAL cage in laser-cut stainless steel is very important. The new “GAMMA2” motorization has a power of 100W and a faster acceleration ramp. The new safety cover locking device allows the cover to be opened at the moment when the cage stops, without waiting. 40 mm food grade plastic tap. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Construction: AISI 304 stainless steel Diameter: 700 mm Tank height: 600 mm Total height: 1100 mm tank top rim Power supply: 220 V Weight: 38 Kg

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