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You must own the copyright or have permission to use uploaded images.
Our recommendation for the information your label/labels should contain is as follows :-   REGION/COUNTY, PRODUCT, WEIGHT, PRODUCERS/PACKERS NAME/ADDRESS, BEST BEFORE DATE & LOT NUMBER.
For more information visit Food Standards Agency
Maisemore Apiaries will not be held responsible for information contained on your finished labels.

Distinctive Label (Your Own Design)

"as individual as you are"

Design your own label with your image and your text OR you can choose one of our designs, from left to right is

`bees on comb honey 2 label`
`wildflower label`
`bee on yellow flower label`
`bees on comb honey 1 label`
`field of heather label`
`heather with grouse label`
`bees on brown label`.


Once ordered we will send a sample for your approval via email.

P+P inc
  • Large Rectangle 83mm x 47mm
  • Medium Rectangle 64mm x 47mm
  • Small Rectangle 64mm x 38mm
  • Large Square 50mm x 50mm
  • Small Square 40mm x 40mm
  • Oval 78mm x 48mm
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Please check your finished label image as your labels will be printed exactly like it.
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Distinctive Label (Your Own Design) £21.65 New

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