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Maisemore Apiaries, established in 1953, has now become one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of Bee Keeping equipment in the UK. Located in Gloucestershire, Maisemore Apiaries offer a range of quality beekeeping items second to none.

Please let us welcome you to our new shop which is filled with many different products to help you keep your bees more easily, from protective clothing, extraction equipment, hive parts flatpacked and ready to go to a single marking pen, you are welcome to come and browse the products on display, our staff will be happy to help with your requirements.

Our newly fitted shop and honey house

Running a 1000 colonies of bees requires only the latest in technology to produce some of the finest pure English Honey, here at Maisemore Apiaries we have invested heavily to maintain supply to our valued customers.

fully automated honey and wax extraction

Our automated process can extract honey from 120 frames at a time, the honey leaves the extractor and gets pumped to the heat exchanger. After leaving the heat exchanger the honey runs into a centrifuge, a large stainless steel drum which is contstantly spinning forcing the clean honey to the outside of the drum and keeping the wax and any other debris to the inside.

centrifuge, honey creamer and 5 tonne storage tank

The wax is recycled and the Honey is led to a 5 tonne storage tank, it can then be bottled directly, or gently warmed & `creamed` to become set honey.
Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount here at Maisemore Apiaries, our honey is probably the finest purest English Flower or Heather Honey in the world.

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Maisemore Apiaries Ltd, Beekeeping equipment manufacturers and suppliers in the UK, with over 50 years beekeeping experience quality is guaranteed. Made by beekeepers for beekeepers.